Gamer Girl Monthly
Custom jewelry pouch, kirby wallet, med kit earrings, playstation earrings, player 2 bracelet, plants vs zombies bracelet, and potion necklace

You choose the games we send


We only send jewelry and collectibles from games you choose! Each shipment contains 3-5 pieces of beautiful hand-picked jewelry and collectibles.

Animal Crossing present earrings $9.99
Animal Crossing charm bracelet $9.99
Animal Crossing Ring $9.99
Tom Nook Candle $3.49
Assassin's Creed Earrings $9.99
Harley Quinn ring $9.99
Bioshock Necklace $10.99
Mass Effect N7 Bracelet $9.99
Controller Bracelet $9.99
Resident Evil Necklace $9.99
Resident Evil ring $9.99
Elder Scrolls Earrings $9.99
Tetris Necklace $9.99
Uncharted Funko Pocket Pop Keychain $7.99
Five Nights at Freddy's Socks $9.99
Mario Pokey Necklace $9.99
Overwatch Necklace $11.99
World of Warcraft Doomhammer Necklace $12.99
Oregon Trail Necklace $11.99
Zelda Pixel Heart Earrings $9.99
Controller Wallet $9.99
Pokemon Ditto Earrings $9.99
Kirby Necklace $9.99
Destiny Ghost Necklace $9.99
Super Smash Bros Earrings $9.99
Pokeball Necklace $9.99
Sailor Moon Tiara Bracelet $9.99
Final Fantasy Chocobo Necklace $9.99
Final Fantasy Cactuar Tote Bag $9.99
Mario Question Block Ring $9.99
Zelda Infinity Scarf $11.99
Sterling Silver Controller Heart Necklace $34.99
Fable Sterling Silver Guild Seal Earrings $34.99
Zelda Hylian Shield Necklace $9.99
Zelda Potion necklace $7.99
Zelda Headband $8.99
Zelda Treasure Chest Ring $9.99
Zelda Triforce bracelet $7.99
Final Fantasy Gunblade Lariat Necklace $9.99
Final Fantasy Black Mage earrings $9.99
Final Fantasy Moogle Necklace $9.99
Final Fantasy Aeris bow $9.99
Princess Peach Crown Earrings $7.99
Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Necklace $9.99
Fallout Nuka Cola Earrings $8.99
Fallout Keychain $8.99
Mario Boo Earrings $9.99
Mario Sunglasses $9.99
Tetris Scarf $14.99
Pokeball Ring $9.99
Pokemon Team Rocket Candle $3.49
Lego necklace $9.99
Aku Aku Necklace $9.99
Creeper Necklace $10.00
Tomb Raider - Lara Croft necklace $9.99
Harry Potter Always Necklace $6.99
Carmen Sandiego Necklace $7.99
Duck Hunt Necklace $8.99
Portal Companion Cube Earrings $10.00
Sonic Earrings $8.99
Dota Earrings $5.99
Fable Guild Seal Earrings $8.99
Fallout Vaultboy Socks $9.99
Left 4 Dead - Med Kit earrings $8.99
Playstation Button Earrings $9.99
Controller Stud Earrings $8.99
D-Pad Ring $9.99
Space Invaders Ring $8.99
Halo Energy Sword Ring $8.99
Donkey Kong Country Bracelet $8.99
Plants vs Zombies Bracelet $7.99
Kingdom Hearts Bracelet $9.99
Kirby coin purse $9.99
Spyro the Dragon Necklace $8.99

Who We Are

Gamer Girl Monthly is a monthly subscription club for gamers! If you're a proud gamer fan, this is for you! Every month has a different theme, and we pick beautiful jewelry and collectibles to send out.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] ! Find us on instagram @gamergirlmonthly